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Custom manufacturing


LED technology provides perfect lighting fixtures for the production elements of many different shapes and designs. LEDs, we can nowadays replace all conventional light sources. The compact size LED lamps, we can construct with these parameters with other light sources can not produce. In the manufacture of lighting we used to work with a wide range of materials - for example:


  • Iron, aluminum, stainless steel
  • Glued graphics - Light film
  • Glass, plexi glass, mirrors
  • Stone, wood, corian, Corralit


Sample products and 3D concepts


 RedBull-tourbus-logo  50W moduly semafory  LED-moduly-7W 
rotlight-O LED-modul-6LED-5mm zapustne-15W


spinaci-krabice svetelna-tyc-B svetelna-tyc


reflektor-24V-20W Reflektor-50W-IP67 Reflektor-50W-IP67-3D-navrh


prosvetleni-plastovych-preforem prosvetleni-plastovych-preforem-3D-navrh LED-moduly-pro-svetelne-tyce


LED strip modul

Cree XP-E moduly

Cree modul square SMD5050

Cree modul SMD5050 

RGBmodul Cree modules IP Cree LED circle module 45W  LED line 
3D project ATEX LED light 3D project cabinet LED light  3D project LEDmodule 9pcs   LED moduly


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